Quality - Service - Dependability

Three simple words that describe the character, breadth of experience, commitment to customers and dedication to excellence that defines everything we do at Metallizing Service Company, Inc.

MSC is a leader in commercial and aerospace plasma and flame-spray coatings. We develop and apply state-of-the-art, proprietary and customized protective coatings for commercial, aerospace and industrial applications, with superior attention to customer specifications, accuracy and precise quality control.

MSC provides more than quality coatings and workmanship: We offer dependability and solve unique problems, quickly and effectively. We develop our own tooling, fixtures and proven coating techniques, and work closely with our customers to meet their coating and quality requirements and special product challenges, whether it involves individual components or thousands of units

Dedication - Flexibility - Experience - Technical Expertise - Quality

MSC offers a full range of on-site services designed to meet all of your plasma and flame-spray coating needs, including:

  • Laboratory facilities for metallurgical evaluation, R&D and quality assurance
  • Machine shop pre-spraying preparation (grinding, undercutting) and finishing
  • Grit blasting, thermal plasma and wire-spraying equipment
  • Robotic coating and other automated processes for intricate spraying challenges.